A hokim's assistant who cut down trees and bushes in Kashkadarya region was fined
01. 2024

Inspectors of the Yakkabag District Department of the Kashkadarya region's Ecology Department conducted a regular control raid.

During the raid on the territory of the mahalla "Tukboy" of the Yakkabag district, the illegal felling of 20 rosehip bushes and 5 cherry trees by the assistant of the district hokim P.R. was established.

In this regard, an administrative protocol has been drawn up against the violator under Part 1 of Article 79 of the Administrative Code. It has been established that, as a result of the deforestation of plants, damage was caused to nature in the amount of 9 million, 350 thousand sums. The violator was also fined 3 million, 400 thousand sums.

In total, P.R. will have to pay 12 million, 750 thousand sums.

We remind you! The law is the same for everyone. Strict measures will be taken in case of any environmental violation.

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