Request for Quotations (RFQ)
05. 2024

Project: «Sustainable Solid Waste Management»
Source of funds: ADB loan No.3903-UZB
Contract: No.SCEEP/RFQ-G7R
Title: Purchase of vehicles for the needs of the Project Management Unit.
Purchaser: Project Management Unit "Sustainable Solid Waste Management"

1. The Republic of Uzbekistan has received a loan from the Asian Development Bank to finance the project "Sustainable Solid Waste Management" and intends to use part of these funds to make appropriate payments under contract No.SCEEP/RFQ-G7R "Purchase of vehicles for the needs of the Project Management Unit". When conducting competitive bidding, the rules and procedures of the Asian Development Bank will be decisive.
2. PMU "Sustainable Solid Waste Management" hereby invites eligible bidders to submit their price proposals for the purchase of two (2) vehicles.
3. The competitive bidding will be conducted in accordance with the procedures Requesting for Quotations described in the ADB's Procurement Regulations (2017) for Borrowers, and any Participants from eligible countries can participate in it, as defined in the Procurement Regulations.
4. Interested Bidders can receive further information, as well as a request for quotations from the PMU "Sustainable Solid Waste Management" at the address below.
5. Price proposals must be delivered in hard copy with a signature and stamp to the address below by 16:00 Tashkent time on May 17, 2024. Late bids will be rejected.

Address: Tashkent, 100043, Chilanzar district, Bunyodkor Avenue, 7A
PMU "Sustainable Solid Waste Management"
Responsible person: Sardorbek Rikhsitillaev
Telephone: + 998 97 758 74 34

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